“Hughes’ performance is strong evidence of a deeply charismatic actor. Mitch’s inner turmoil, battling his feelings inside a highly homophobic and patriarchal society is incredibly convincing. He is the embodiment of a typical Golden Age actor.” - Jonathan Baz Reviews on ‘Yank!’


“There’s exceptional work from Scott Hunter’s wet-behind-the-ears Stu and Barnaby Hughes’s conflicted Mitch.” - The Guardian on Yank!


“…the casting of this central pair – Scott Hunter and Barnaby Hughes – could not be bettered. Hunter’s open-hearted sincerity is perfectly matched with Hughes’ matinee idol charm and together they perform with complete conviction.” The Reviews Hub on Yank!


“Barnaby Hughes creates a confident alpha male in Mitch, whose journey into love with another man has all the pathos, pain and conflict of a character straight out of a Tennessee Williams play.” - Attitude on Yank!


“[The casting director] could not have picked a better pairing in Hunter and Hughes. Their chemistry on stage was perfectly judged and utterly believable.” - North West End on Yank!


“…there’s no denying this year’s Prince Charming in the Opera House’s Cinderella production, is a star attraction. Barnaby Hughes puts a fresh spin on a well-worn fairytale.” - Irish Examiner on ‘Cinderella’


“In terms of stage presence, well-ripped British actor, Barnaby Hughes, drew boos and sighs of admiration in equal measure in his role as Gaston.” Irish Examiner on ‘Beauty and the Beast’


“…the piece amounts to a showcase for the talents (and yes, the physique) of Barnaby Hughes.” - on ‘Cougar: The Musical’


“Barnaby Hughes gives an excellent performance as the only male cast member and switches effortlessly between a range of characters, from Buck the wannabe Broadway star to Bourbon Cowboy. Despite being outnumbered, he holds his own with sharp timing and clever physical comedy.” - on ‘Cougar: The Musical’


“When one man can successfully pull off hunky topless stud, pink and sparkly beautician, cowboy and dildo wielding backing dancer (I kid you not), all while belting out west end worthy vocals – you know you’re on to a winner and Hughes does not disappoint.” - on ‘Cougar: The Musical’


“One character to watch out for is the part of Tommy Jones the Cat, played by Barnaby Hughes. He was definitely put in the show for the ladies and got quite a reaction every time he spoke to them.” - on ‘Dick Whittington’


“…the male ensemble works hard and with ferocious energy, but the standouts are Barnaby Hughes…” - on ‘Damn Yankees’